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by - Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Hey Hey!

It's officially the last day of summer & today I'm recapping on all the fun we had.  Can you believe that tomorrow starts FALL! Eeeek!  The temps in NC are even starting to drop just a tiny bit & we couldn't be more excited about it.
It's safe to say that we took full advantage of our new neighborhood's pool!  We were there every other day & then would go back when Dan got home from work.

We grilled out at home one Friday night & took it all to the pool.  This night was probably one of my most favorites from this summer!

Toward the end of summer break, Ellie Joy started practicing without wearing her puddle jumper & caught on to this whole swimming thing so fast!

The four of us spent the last day of break by the pool & we ended up having it all to ourselves!

If we weren't outside by the pool, we were outside playing in the water.  Whether it was a water table, sprinkler, or a slip 'n' slide!
Itty Bitty had her very first dentist appointment last month ...
And did amazing!  No dentist scaries here.
Coop spent one weekend in Atlanta watching the Braves play with his Paw-Paw.
And him & Millie Jo both went to the beach for a week with Mimi & Paw-Paw!
While some of us stayed home & woke up with some crazy bed head!
We also took advantage of the dollar movies some theaters offer during the summer.  Ellie Joy had never been before & she liked everything about it ... except that her seat kept closing her up in it because she didn't weigh enough to keep it down.  HA!
One evening we went to our family's favorite Japanese restaurant.
We took plenty of Sunday morning church pictures ...

This particular Sunday, Millie Jo wasn't home & I snapped these pics of my big & little.  They couldn't act/look more alike if they tried.  Gosh, to think I was worried if they would have a close relationship since they were eight years apart!  Jokes on me!
Speaking of church pictures!
This guy & I snuck in a couple date nights!
These two had almost weekly sleepovers at Grammy & Pop's house ...
We had lunch dates with dad ...
And we played outside more evenings than not!
We wrapped summer break up by spending a day with my sister, grabbing lunch, & going to the outlets for a little back to school shopping!

What a summer!

As much as I love summer & the fact that it means my kiddos are home with me daily, I am ready to put away all the bathing suits & bring out the sweaters & boots!


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  1. That sounds like a lovely summer! I can remember having to sit with one leg draped over my son's movie theater seat so it didn't close up on him (not the most comfortable position for an entire movie).