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by - Thursday, August 05, 2021


Okay, we're four blog posts in & if you're still with me, you're a rock star!  Some may be thinking "why in the world is she sharing ALL of this?"  Well, I've always said my blog is like my kids baby book.  It's all right here in my little space of the internet!  I should really get some of these things made into a book.  Has anyone ever done that!?!  Let me know!

Alright, if you've missed any of the recaps up until this point, you can find them here ...

Today's post is June & July shenanigans!

And I feel like we should start this one with top knots & cute headbands!  
Because why not!?!

We've went to a few BASEBALL GAMES & they're always so much fun!
One evening, we kept our niece & nephew.  Y'all already know how I feel about them.  Millie Jo basically thinks this baby girl is hers!

Cooper, Dan, & my father/brother-in-love all went to an event back in June where they had a Christian concert, vendors, & the opportunity to go on the baseball field to hit & pitch.  Right up Coop's alley.
Dan ran his very first 5K.  Pretty dang proud of him!
It hasn't been all rainbows & butterflies though.  Ellie Joy ended up with a summer cold & decided to share it with all of us.

We celebrated Father's Day!
Love these guys so much!
We did a week of Vacation Bible School & on the last day, it was family day!  They had Chick-fil-a, an ice cream truck, & waterslides.  A perfect end to an amazing week!
One Sunday morning, Millie Jo followed me around all morning.  Typically, Sunday's are rush rush rush, but I decided to slow down & just let her follow me.  She did everything I did from the matching outfits, shoes, & jewelry.  I am so glad I listened to my heart because I think her heart needed that ... & mine too.  And we were still on time for church!
Speaking of Sunday mornings.

We've watched so many movies that I have lost count!
These two had a lemonade stand at our yard sale.
In our new house, we have a park right down the street & it has been so much fun to walk to in the evenings when Dan gets home.

And speaking of our new house ...

We have a neighborhood pool & we LOVE it!!  Such a HUGE convenience for this mama! 
And if we don't go to it, these little fish find another one to swim in!

And July 1st, I celebrated my 32nd birthday with some of my most favorite people!

Whew!  That was a lot!!
I know those were so many pictures to look through, but if you're like me, you didn't mind!  I could literally look through pictures all day long.  I just love it!

Come back tomorrow because I'm wrapping up all the things we've been up to by sharing Camp Grammy with you!  Cutest & most fun thing ever!


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