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by - Monday, June 07, 2021

Well hello there!

It has been WAY too long my friends, but I am here today to catch you up on all the things.

First up, our trip to Kentucky to see the Ark.  We had originally planned to go during spring break the first week of April, but a few things came up & we moved it to the weekend before!
This has been a trip on our bucket list so when my parents asked us if we wanted to go, we said YES without any hesitation!

I mean, is it not just incredible!

We actually stayed at the Cincinnati Airport Hampton Inn, but it was located in Kentucky if that makes any sense at all.  We arrived on a Thursday evening & grabbed dinner at a place called Skyline Chili ... by the looks of it, some of us were exhausted from the drive!
Not too exhausted to swim though!
If there's a pool, this girl will find it!

They swam for a little bit & then we called it a night because we had a super long day ahead of us.
First stop Friday morning, Cracker Barrel ... with Dan squared.
After breakfast, we caught the shuttle bus to the Ark Encounter.  This girl thought she was big because she got to ride on the bus with no car seat!

We got our picture by the door that represents where Noah led his family onto the ark along with animals, two by two.
We took a break about half way through ... it's three stories & SO much walking.  We grabbed lunch & then walked around the zoo.  The zoo was so cool because it literally had two of one kind of animal just like was led onto the ark.  Just seeing the animals together made it so understandable for kids ... & even adults!
We actually got to walk into the kangaroo exhibit! 
After that, we headed back inside to finish the rest of the tour.
We love our Pop!
They had the coolest playground for the kids to enjoy before we left, too!
When purchasing our tickets, you can do a combo pack & do the Ark Encounter plus the Creation Museum, so that's what we did.  

That next day, we went to the Creation Museum.  The two aren't close together so that's why we split it up into two days.  Both are a lot of walking!
The Garden of Eden was one of my most favorite things to walk through.  It was all just so amazing to see!

We were quite the travelers as we went from North Carolina on Thursday & ended up having lunch in Indiana on Saturday after sight seeing through Ohio because my baseball/football loving boy wanted to see where the Reds & Bengals played. 😉  We grabbed a burger for lunch & I can't even remember the name of the place, but it was really good!  And I wasn't sure what to think when they brought out caramel for me to dip my sweet potato fries in, but don't knock it til you try it because it was SO good!!  Who would have even thought?!
Sight seeing all the states with her!
On the way back to our hotel, we stopped by the Cincinnati airport overlook & they had a cute little park.  One thing is for sure, this area sure does know how to have a good park!
Sunday morning, we were up early & headed home.

I would encourage everyone to go experience both the Ark Encounter & the Creation Museum.  And take your kids!  It's all just incredible & I had so many WOW God moments from the time I was walking up to the Ark.  Gosh, I could just go on & on, but you just HAVE to see it for yourself.  I don't even have the words to describe it all.  What a faithful man Noah was.  It took him YEARS to build the ark ... imagine that season of waiting for him ... not just the building of it, but the waiting for the rain to stop.  It is such a great reminder of God's perfect timing & sovereignty.

I hope y'all have the best Monday!


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  1. SO.....give me all the details! :) If my hubby and I wanted to take a week and include these two stops, what else is there to do in and around the Ark and Creation Museum for us to do the remaining days (this is why we haven't already been....don't know what else to do there)? Also, possibly a list of places to stay and restaurants to eat at? We really like having more of a suite rather than just a room since we will be staying a week. :)

    1. We were only there a couple days but I have heard that downtown Lexington has lots of history to it! Also, Georgetown has museums, restaurants & shops. I'm sure it is super cute! Cincinnati was really cool to drive through & with it being a big city, I bet there is lots to do there! Let me know if y'all end up taking a trip. I would love to hear what you thought about the Ark & the Creation Museum!

  2. I have recently read another blogger's posts about both the Arc encounter and the Creation museum; they sound really neat! What a fun trip you had.