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Hello & HAPPY Monday, y'all!

I hope you've been enjoying these little recaps I've been sharing!  And if you've missed any, you can find our trip to Kentucky HERE & our Easter recap HERE!  It's been fun for me to look back on all the pictures even though it was only a few months ago!

Before I get started today, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all the prayers that have been sent my way.  If you follow me on INSTAGRAM or FACEBOOK then you know that since last Wednesday I have been experiencing vertigo.  Goodness gracious, it has not been fun.  My sister & I took my kiddos swimming last Monday & I wasn't sure if I had swimmers ear or what.  After trying many different things over the weekend to try to get it to subside, Sunday I headed to urgent care.  To my surprise, my ears aren't infected but there is a good amount of fluid sitting behind my left ear drum.  I've been told to take mucinex & nasal spray (laying flat on my back ..ahh) to see if we can get the fluid out of there.  The doctor said it could be days ... or weeks.  Sigh.  All I know is that this dizziness has GOT to go!  It literally tries to control your day to day life.

Put on the bathing suit they said ... get in the pool with your kids they said ... get your hair wet they said ... it'll be fun they said ...😉  But really, hopefully we're on the road to recovery.  Y'all have been most helpful with recommendations & it seems like I'm not alone in this boat!

Okay, back to today's post.  I've been so stinkin' excited to share our trip to Miramar Beach, Florida with you!!  Last year, Dan & I decided that it would be good for our family ... just the Pegram 5 ... to start taking a vacation together at least once a year just us!  And it's the best decision we could have ever made!  Eeek!  Don't get me wrong, we LOVE traveling with family, but when it's just your own little family, you get to do whatever you want!  One evening, we ate dinner at 9pm!! Why?!?  Because we could.  It was just really good for all of our hearts to go spend time together away from the hustle & bustle of life!

Okay, pull up a chair & get cozy because I have lots to share!
We drove down on a Sunday.  It was actually mine & Dan's 12 year anniversary!  What better way to spend it than with the family we have built together!

It took us close to 9 hours from North Carolina & we stopped in Alabama for lunch! 
We got to our condo that evening & wasted no time at all to go see the ocean!  We're used to the East Coast water so seeing how beautiful the water is was just amazing!
This was our view from our balcony!  If you're interested you can DM me or email me for the VRBO information.  It wasn't anything fancy, but it was clean!
After going to Walmart to pick up our groceries ( I ordered them the day before we left so they would be ready) we headed back to the condo for a night swim.
We started day one on the beach!

Is there really anything better than lunch on the beach!?!

When I say we played hard ... we played HARD!  Sandcastles were built & waves were rode!  And I'm here to tell you that the sun just hits different on that white sand because we all got BURNT!

That afternoon we went up to the condo to take showers & naps!

Then we headed to Baytowne Wharf to some of the cutest little shops.  You do have to have a pass to get into these but it's no big deal to get one at the guard gate!
Love them all so much!!

And if Millie Jo has the camera, she's going to make you pose & without fail, she always prompts us to "kiss" HA!

This was the evening we ate dinner at 9pm ... but can you blame us!?!  The wait wasn't bad at all with a sunset like that to look at!  We ate a Pompano Joe's & I 10/10 recommend you try it & get the tuna dip!

You can't tell one bit that we were all exhausted from being outside in the sunshine all day!  This girl of mine just radiates JOY!

The next morning we all slept in & it was glorious! Since we got so much sun the day before, we decided to go out & sight see this particular morning & go to the beach at sunset to play!

We headed to Fudpucker's for lunch & it was hands down the coolest restaurant.  Kids or not!   The food was great, too!  It has live alligators that you can feed & a cute playground for the kiddos to play at while you wait for a table!
After lunch, we went back to the condo to relax because when on vacation ...
And then we headed down to the pool until sunset!

Then this guy & I got in a romantic walk on the beach ...
Just kidding.
But my heart was so full in this very moment!

We played in the water, played in the sand, & threw football until the sun went down.  If you've never been out on the beach when the sun goes down, DO IT!

The next morning, we were back down at the beach to soak up our last day!
I was so thankful when a woman walked by & offered to take our picture!  I will say that when you go with a bunch of family members you don't have to worry about that, but when it's just you, the family pics are few & far between!

Cutest little photo bomber.

These two laughed so much while burying each other in the sand!

Our last night, Dan & I surprised the kids by going to the Gulf Coast Burger Co.

Y'all, the food was good, but can we just talk about these milkshakes!!?

Itty Bitty is ALL of us!
I mean!!  I'll go ahead & warn you that the whole restaurant itself is pricey so don't be shocked when you go in & those big milkshakes are $10 a piece BUT you can share!  They're huge!
We ended our night at a place called The Track.  It had rides & putt-putt!  Not to mention, me & Ellie Joy smoked them all in go-karts!  I still laugh thinking about how tiny she looked sitting next to me on that thing.
Blurry but I don't even care because we had just had so much dang fun!
Oh Miramar Beach, Florida.  We can't wait to spend MANY more family vacations with you!  It was seriously the most fun.  We are already looking for houses to rent for our next trip!  If you've been before & have any rental house recommendations or anything that we should do while we are there, let me know!!

If you made it through this whole post, you're the best!!

I hope y'all have a wonderful week!  
I'll be back to share our family beach pictures from this trip later on.  They're some sweet ones for sure!


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  1. That looks like such a fun trip! I just love that Mille Joe takes photos of just you and your husband and often gets you to kiss. My husband and I have very few photos of just us two... in fact I have hardly any photos with me in them. I am ALWAYS the camera person.