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by - Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Hey Hey!
A few weeks ago, we headed up to the North Carolina mountains with my in-loves to Jonas Ridge to go snow tubing!  Two things you will never see me doing is skiing or snowboarding.  I've never tried to snowboard before, but y'all, I have tried to ski before & it was a DISASTER!  Your girl couldn't even make it off the chair lift without falling.  And one time when I tried to ski, I ended up having to sit on my skis & use them as a sled because there was no way I could stand up on them.  Gosh, I couldn't even hold onto the rope that pulls you up the kiddie slope.  Maybe it's just balance coordination that I struggle with because you do NOT want to see me on ice skates.  I mean, it's just all around bad.  One thing I do love though, is to snow tube!  It's so much fun & I laugh hysterically every single time.  If you saw my INSTASTORIES the day we went, well it's one of those things ... if ya know, ya know.  They're saved under my "Pegram 5" highlight bubble.

You're welcome.
Before we went tubing, we went to have lunch at the Dan'l Boone Inn, in Boone.  It had snowed a couple days before we went & it turned out perfect!

I mean, how stinkin' cute are they!?!
Man, I love them BIG!
Millie Jo loved tubing the most & could have stayed out there for hours.  Thankfully we had a one hour time slot because we would have froze if we would have stayed out any longer!
It was such a fun day with Mimi & Paw-Paw!  
I'm ready to plan our next trip!

Do you like to ski, snowboard, or snow tube!?!


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  1. I broke my leg skiing when I was quite young and never gave it another try but I have wanted to try snow tubing; that looks like something I could handle!