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Halloween Weekend 2020

by - Friday, November 13, 2020

Hey Hey!

Happy Friday, friends.

Today, I am finally getting around to sharing our Halloween weekend & we spent it doing one of our most favorite things ... CAMPING!
We made it to the campground around 4:00 on Friday afternoon & the very first thing we did was build a fire because it was COLD!

A bonfire, sweaters, cute hats & hot chocolate makes us girls happy!
We wasted no time at all roasting marshmallows & making smores ... BEFORE dinner! 

That evening, we made tacos, played a game or ten of Uno ... there was only a few tears shed when mama beat them 3 times in a row ... & ended our first night by the fire.

Saturday morning, we woke up early to Dan cooking breakfast!
And then we took a walk to go find a "mountain" for these crazy kiddos to climb.
Cooper met a little boy several years ago when we first came camping at this campground.  His family stays there most weekends & it took them no time at all to find each other!

We even found the swings on our walk.

The same swings that a boy, a little bit older than Coop, tried to bully him right in front of me.  I, in true mom fashion went into protective mode and put a stop to it real quick by letting him know in front of his "cool" friends that I was not raising my child to be a bully nor was I was raising my child to be bullied.  I then told him that if he wanted to go get his mom or dad, I would tell him the same thing I just told him.  He didn't like that idea.  I also looked at my kiddos & told them in front of him that we never, ever treat people the way he just did.  No worries, before we left the playground I gave the boy a fist pump & reminded him that it cost absolutely nothing at all to be kind.

Grace upon grace.

The only way bullying will be stopped is if we call them out on it before it's too late.  I will say later that day, he passed by our campsite on his bike & I heard him say "excuse me, sir" when passing by someone walking. So there is that.

Now, back to our original post ... HA!
We walked down to the beach area after stopping by the camp store & grabbing a drink ..

It's always so pretty in the fall!

After our walk, it was time to go back to the camper & dress up for trick or treating!
My dude from Halo, Gabriella from High School Musical, & our sweet rainbow baby!

Goodness gracious, I love these babes of mine!
Yep, that's my girl to a T!
First she's sour ...
Then she's sweet. 😉

We walked around the campground & got more candy than we could all ever eat!  I mean, bags & bags full!
We got back to the camper just in time to roast hot dogs for lunch!

After lunch, we decorated brownies.

And some of us just ate them!
Later that afternoon, we painted our pumpkins!

Then it was time for dinner that was provided by the campground.  Normal years, there's a costume contest & cookout but, 2020.  So we walked up to grab our burgers & then headed back to the campsite to eat around the fire.
It was such a great weekend with my crew!

I am not sure there's anything better than being creek side with your family with no cell service!

As for this weekend, we have zero plans & I am totally fine with that!


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  1. What a fun weekend at the campground celebrating Halloween!

  2. What a FUN way to celebrate Halloween! I love that the campground provided dinner that night. That's so sweet. Your kids all looked great in their costumes! And YAY for no cell service.... always needed every now and again.