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by - Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Hey Hey y'all!!

It has been a minute since I did a blog post & I feel like I have said that a lot this year.  With Dan in school full time, he is in front of the computer so much & I don't get the time to just sit down & write!

There's so much from the fall that I want to catch you up on!  So much so that I had to break it down into two posts.  I'm certain you didn't want to spend your entire day looking at my pictures.  HA!

So grab your comfy blanket & coffee because it's a lot!

We celebrated this sweet cousin turning three ...
We have got to hang out with this sweet cousin some days ... whether at home ...

Or the park with Grammy!

We were invited to a tea party birthday party & it was the cutest thing ever.

We've been back at church for a while now ...

Which means Sunday lunch out is a must!

We've spent SO much time outside playing.
A certain Itty Bitty girl got her first pony tail ...
And it brought out all the sass!
While Coop & Millie Jo have been back to school in person five days a week since August, this girl packs her bookbag every day in hopes to go with them.
But don't let her fool you ... she's totally fine with hanging with mama so she can get a lunch date with dad!
And weeks back, we got to sit on the side of the road & wave to President Trump as he rode by!

Whew.  That was so much, I know!

Come back tomorrow because we aren't finished yet!


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  1. That is fantastic that your kids have been back in school in person so much! So many cute pictures.