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by - Thursday, June 20, 2019

I live for the simple days with my kiddos.  Like, I LOVE them so much.  In our house, we call them our "do nothing days."

But in today's world .. thanks social media .. those sweet, simple days try to make us feel like we are not enough as a mama. 

What happen to simple?

What happen to summer days spent doing a whole lot of nothing except for that one week you go on a family vacation?  And then after that, you come back home to riding your bike or staying out until it was dark.

Why do we feel like we have to entertain our children every single day by going out & spending money!?  

Some of my most favorite days are the ones spent at home, playing outside together, sitting down & coloring or even playing board games .. even though that always ends up with someone getting mad because they lost.

What happen to simple summers??

Why can't days spent outside playing in our backyard & eating popsicles be enough?!

What about playing in the sprinkler or the slip & slide.

Why do we, as mama's, struggle so bad with this??!

Two words .. 

Social Media.

Social media makes it so hard to have a simple summer.  Heck, it makes it hard to just have one day where you do absolutely nothing!  You scroll your Instagram feed & see mama's doing BIG things with her kiddos & you suddenly feel like you should be doing something BIG with your children instead of spending the day at home.

What if my kids are missing out?

What if they hear their friends talking about all the cool things they did & wish I was a "more fun" mama?

Truth be told, it's the days spent with me during those simple days is what they will remember the most.  They will remember the time we went to see Dinosaurs Alive, the days spent at the amusement park or all the movies we saw at the movie theater, but those aren't the days they talk about often.  What they talk about are those days when I throw football out in the yard, the days we give each other makeovers & all the patio picnics we have.  Those are the days they want to do over & over!

Goodness gracious, we love to go do fun things that cost money .. heck, we are going to Disney this fall & can't wait.  But Mama, it's okay to NOT go, go, go all summer long.  Don't compare your life to others on social media.  It's ok to stay home & keep your pjs on all day, it's ok to make all your kiddos have nap/rest time so you can have a minute because if you don't, you may literally lose your mind .. UP IN HERE!

You are enough & those simple days are enough.

The little things really are the big things.

We may call them our "do nothing days" but really, a lot is happening in our hearts & minds & if you ask me, they're the sweetest days.  

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  1. AMEN and AMEN!!! To simple summer days, to social media being a big reason that people question their mothering, their marriage, heck, their lives these days! My girls are grown (30 & 25) and married and they still talk about the simple days....picnics on the deck, playing in mud holes, going to the park, meeting church friends at church and riding bikes and playing.... The only time they mention any "big" things that cost something is when we look back at photo albums. And even though they don't have children of their own yet, they still love (and have) picnics on the deck (and in the car) and playing games (corn hole especially) out in the back yard (theirs and ours). I am SO thankful there wasn't any social media when they were little, and that we didn't allow it when it first started up in their high school years. And they don't think they missed out on anything. They never did. :)

    1. Yes!! I love all of this! Have a great week, Angie!

  2. Gotta love do nothing days. Wish my kids were more open to them!

    1. Girl! I know the feeling! Mine are not always open to them but they are a must! Have a great week!

  3. We plan on having a whole lot of nothing days this summer as we transition and I love watching my kids get bored and use their imagination :)

    1. Agreed! Your summer days are sure to be sweet with that baby boy HOME!!