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by - Monday, June 10, 2019

Happy Monday, y'all!

Today, I am hosting the 10 ON THE 10TH link up with my friend, Jen, over at THE BOLIN BUNCH & starting next month, I will be hosting & taking over for her for the rest of the year.  So make sure you still join because it's such a fun link up!

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Today's topic is 10 summer must haves but instead of sharing things that are 'must haves' for myself, I'm sharing a few must haves for kids!  I mean, I guess I do benefit from some of the things but mostly them. 😉

Y'all, did you know baby powder will take beach sand right off of a baby!?!  Works like a CHARM!  If you are anything like me, there is nothing worse than a baby/toddler who needs a nap but is covered in sand & mama is already hot!
  I always toss a travel size bottle in our beach bag!

I have three kiddos & two of those three are very fair skin & blue eyes.  They will burn if they don't have sunblock on so it is a MUST!  There was one time that the top of Cooper's feet got so sunburned he would barely walk & it was awful.  That will never happen again if I can help it!

As far as the sunblock stick, it is so convenient when you need to reapply those sweet little faces!
There is nothing that says summer like a hot tangled mess in Millie Jo's hair.  We have been using this particular kind & it's SO good!!
And while we are on the subject of tangles … YOU NEED A WET BRUSH!!  It makes brushing those tangles out so much easier!  I even love using it on my hair after pool days!
We love hats & if we are at the beach or pool, my kiddos have them on!

I can't find Ellie Joy's exact one but THIS ONE is close & so cute!
Summer is for evening thunderstorms that make the best mud puddles.
Cooper & Millie Jo love their Hunter rain boots & I just recently got Itty Bitty a pair.  They are TINY! Eeeek!

Right now, HUNTER is having a big sale!  And if you don't want to spend money on those, WALMART has some super cute ones!  I have several friends who have bought the solid colored ones & had them monogrammed.  LOVE that idea!
Remember at the beginning of my post when I said I may benefit from a few of my kid's summer must haves??  COME TO MAMA!  Can you ever be too old for a popsicle!?!  I think not!
I recently grabbed this water bottle for Coop & a mermaid one for Millie Jo from Academy.  They are a water bottle PLUS have a little spout that will spray mist in your face when you're outside & hot!  They're SO cool!  See what I did there!? 😉
Millie Jo has THESE SANDALS & would wear them all the time if I let her.  They are so stinkin' cute on her feet, too!

Cooper has THESE UNDER ARMOUR SANDALS.  And Ellie Joy has THESE from Walmart in every color because they are THAT good!!

All three of these sandals are perfect for camping, too!

We are a family that spends a lot of time outside so outdoor games are a must & BADMINTON is a current favorite of ours! We also love Corn Hole & BOOCHIE!

There you have it!
10 SUMMER MUST HAVES … kids edition!

I can't wait to see what your must haves are!!

Here is a look at upcoming topics!  I'll have a new graphic for them as well starting next month!
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  1. We used that baby powder trick all the time when my boys were young and I don't think you are ever too old for any wonderful frozen treats in the summer.

  2. Nice to meet you, I love this link up so I'll be joining you in the future!

  3. Are those bottles dishwasher safe?