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by - Monday, March 11, 2019

Hello.  It's me.
[In my best Adele voice]

Someone ask me what I am doing.



Okay, I'll tell you! 
I am sitting IN our new house, on our new couch [because we had to downsize due to the size of the living room] & writing this blog post.

About.Dang.Time.  RIGHT!?!

On February 21st, I posted an update on Instagram about what has been going on in our life.  I mentioned that on March the 1st, we were closing on our house.  And y'all, wouldn't you know it, the very next day after posting that, we were told that the buyers BACKED OUT.  What.  Holy cow!  Thankfully, we had a back up offer.  So the same day we lost contract, we went right back under!  We now close this week & I am ready.  I just want to be settled in one place, y'all!
Okay, that's a little house update for you & now I am sharing a little bit more of what has been going on with us!

Grab your coffee, girls!
Just one of the many trips back & forth, house to house.
Side note … it is SO much fun moving with three kiddos.
Said no mom ever!
But they sure are stinkin' cute!
Millie Jo writes, draws & colors ALL the time.
You'll never see her without paper & a pen/pencil/marker/crayon.
She even makes her own little books!
Dan & I spent our Valentine's day on a date with these three, eating all the tacos!
My brown eyed girl + My blue eyed girl + Matching sister sets!
This girl is always helping!
Can we just talk about the cutest girl cousins! And we can't forget Adalyn & Millie Jo who weren't there!
We had a play date last week & these girls were into everything!
And what about Coop!
How in the world will he be NINE this month!?!
Oh my baby boy!
Last week, as y'all probably know, was Dr. Suess week.  Everyday, they did something different at school.  On this day, it was "dress as an animal" & Millie Jo dressed as a wolf!  The cutest little wolf, I might add!
Then another day was crazy hat day!
Dan & I FINALLY snuck in a date night a couple weeks ago & it was wonderful!  I have missed him so much but literally have seen him every single day.  Does that ever happen to y'all!?!?  You can be in such a busy season of life & life just gets away from you!

Take the time to date your man, ladies!
The only girl who can make a trip to Walmart fun!
Last week, Cooper & Millie Jo got out of school early on Thursday & were out on Friday.  We all needed that little break!  And we celebrated early release with ice cream!
I mean, that kindergarten stuff is hard work! 😉

Last but definitely not least, Dan, Coop, Millie Jo & I did a thing at the end of February …
Yep, WWE Smackdown LIVE!
If you don't know by now, Cooper loves … I mean LOVES, wrestling.  He started watching it when he was three years old & hasn't stopped yet.  When Dan & I saw that they were coming to Charlotte, we knew that was the perfect birthday present for him!
And this girl loved it just as much … or maybe just the dipping dots … but still!
I'd say it was a pretty great night for this boy!

Okay, so maybe just a little bit more than just "a little bit of this & that" but y'all it's been SO long!

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. Yall have been so busy but so glad to catch up on a little of your life! Love it!