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Christmas 2017

by - Monday, January 08, 2018

Happy 2018, y'all!

I took a much needed two week break to enjoy Christmas with my family, enjoy Cooper's Christmas break & then last week I took the time to clean out/purge/organize ALL the things in the house.  We finally started working on baby girl's nursery so we've just been so busy!  But I hope that your new year is off to a wonderful start. 

It's Millie Jo's birthday month & I just can't believe that my girl will be FIVE next week!!  I can't wait to celebrate her!

Tomorrow, my hubby & I have a little announcement that's near & dear to our hearts.  I can't wait to share it with you.  Until then though, I want to catch y'all up on our Christmas!  And I'll just go ahead & tell you that there are tons of pictures ... but who doesn't love Christmas pictures, right!?! 😉

The week before Christmas, me, my kiddos, brother & sister met over at my parents house to bake.  It's a tradition we do every single year & I just love it so much!
I sure hope my kiddos want to come back home every year when they get older & bake with me!
One day before Christmas we didn't have Cooper & Millie Jo with us so we went & did a few last minute errands before the busy weekend/week started.

I love this man of mine so much!
 The Friday before Christmas, my dad's side of the family all got together.  This year my uncle went on a mission trip to Hong Kong & brought the kid's back a pair of pajamas!  Millie Jo LOVES hers & just had to put them on as soon as she opened them!  Fun little fact, when I was a baby the same uncle went to Hong Kong & brought me back a pair of pjs & I STILL have them!
On Christmas Eve Eve, Mimi surprised Millie Jo & took her to see The Nutcracker.  She loved it so much that she fell asleep 20 minutes into it.  HA!!  When she got home I asked her if she had fun & she said "YES!!  We went to Sweet Frog!"  No worries though, Mimi said she almost fell asleep too so she wasn't offended. 😁
And I mean, at least her new dress Poppy Pop bought her was perfect for the occasion!

On Christmas Eve, we were up bright & early to get everything ready for the Pegrams to come over ...
 And yep, that was the line you had to wait in to hold baby Emilia!  They love their baby cousin!!

After we finished that family Christmas, we headed to my father-in-love's house ...
 The number one thing on Millie Jo's Christmas list was a Barbie Dream House ... & she got it from her Paw-Paw because #rotten.
 They can have all the presents ... I'll just sit here all day!

Once we were finished at Dan's dads, we went to my parents.  I mean, this is just what we do ... go house to house to house! 😉
 Love them so stinkin' much!
And my Nelly, too!
After we finished up there, we let the kiddos put their jammies on & headed home ...
 But not without going through the Christmas lights first.  
Every Christmas Eve we go through them because #tradition ... & y'all know I love a good tradition!
 When we got home, we sat down & read The Night Before Christmas & then ...
Went outside to throw out our magic reindeer food!

The next morning we woke up to celebrate Jesus' birthday & to see what all Santa had brought ...
Oh Christmas morning, I just love you!
And we even caught the big guy!!
I'm pretty sure my kiddos think "setting my phone up" is the greatest thing ever.

We played ALL morning long & enjoyed our breakfast pizza that we have every year & then we headed to Mimi & Paw-Paw's house.
 My sweet niece & I showed up matching so of course we had to take a picture!
And sweet Eva Grace with Aunt JuJu & Aunt Ney Ney!
Gosh I love being an aunt!!
Give me all the babies!

Then when we finished at my in-loves, we went to my dads house to celebrate.

Are y'all tired yet just thinking about all the running we did in just four short days!?!  It is a lot but we love it so much!

After Christmas Day we had a few days to stay home, do nothing at all except open all the new things, play & stay in our pjs.  Until it was time that weekend to get together with my mama's side of the family!
Always such a fun time!!

And that wraps up our Christmas holiday.  I am so blessed to do life with every single one of these people!!

I hope your Christmas was amazing, too!


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  1. I love it all. I showed my kids your house photo catching Santa and they flipped out and it wasn't even our house. Solon was really doubting this year but man he was like wow, he is real! LOVE IT, so thank you ;)! Also Millie Jo is the cutest ever in all of her holiday attire, especially love the nativity dress, so cool. PS I spot the art cart, hope its working out for you! xoxo ERIN

    1. Thank you!! How stinkin’ cool is that Santa app?!? The art cart was a HUGE hit!! I love it just as much as my kiddos!

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