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A Letter To Millie Jo On Her 5th Birthday

by - Monday, January 15, 2018

My sweet Millie Jo,

Today you are five.  FIVE!!  A whole hand.  And I can't believe it. I mean, you start kindergarten THIS fall!  What!?!!  I am going to miss having you home with me every single day. 

It feels like it was just yesterday that I laid eyes on your beautiful face & all the nurses were guessing on how much you weighed before they weighed you because you were just so squishy!  I remember when the doctor laid you up on my chest & we got to look each other in the eyes for the first time.  There I was holding my baby girl, my second baby, the one who made me a "girl mama", my friend for life.  My heart, it was love at first sight.
These past five years have been incredible with you. 

You are wise beyond your years.  You light up any room you walk into.  You are sweet with just the right amount of sassiness.  I have never met a more honest child than you.  You tell exactly what you think & when you think it! You are constantly making everyone laugh & many times you say or do things that I have to walk away because I probably shouldn't laugh but I just can't help it.  I could write a book on things you say.  You love so big.  You love Jesus & still when you are asked who made you so beautiful you say Jesus did.  I love listening to you pray each night & how you go into such detail about what you are praying for. You are a big mama's girl but have your daddy wrapped around your finger.  And though Cooper will never admit it, you have him wrapped too.  You love him big time ... even though y'all are always aggravating each other.

Your heart is so big & you are always willing to help.  Any time I'm in the kitchen, you are right by my side.  You love to help me cook dinner or bake.  You are messy, girlfriend ... so messy.  When you play you pull out ALL the things! But I love watching you use your imagination so much.  You are such a family person & love when we have family things so you can see all your cousins.  

I can't wait to watch you be a big sister in a few short weeks.  You have waited so long to be one.  I see the love you have for her already & I just know you are going to rock it!
You love baby dolls, Barbie, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Sweet Frog, doing crafts, writing, drawing, coloring, changing clothes six times a day, doing your make up, having your nails painted, playing outside, JoJo Siwa, PJ Masks, Peppa Pig, riding your scooter, swimming, shoes, singing (your favorite song is First by Lauren Daigle & you know every word to it), snuggling in my bed while watching Netflix, dancing & gymnastics.
Millie Jo,

My prayer for you is that you always keep Jesus first in your life.  That you always keep that big, forgiving heart of yours.  I pray that you always love so big & that you are always willing to help those in need.  I pray you always stay so sweet & that you never compare yourself to others.  I pray you always know how loved you are & whose you are.  I pray that you always know how beautiful you are & know it's because you have Jesus in your heart.
Happy Happy 5th Birthday Millie Jo ...
Queenie Queen
Baby Girl
Sis Sis

I love you more than you will ever know & I hope you have the best day & year!  I can't wait to celebrate YOU today!

It's your day!!


Mama 💓

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