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Weekend Wrap Up

by - Monday, December 18, 2017

Happy Monday y'all!

Can you believe that Christmas is one...ONE week from today!?!  Time is flying by & honestly I need it to slow down just a little bit.  I'm not ready for all the Hallmark movies to stop & I'm definitely not ready to take my Christmas tree down!

Last week was just insane!  Between dance, one kiddo throwing up randomly on Tuesday night, then again Thursday night, a baby doctor appointment, Christmas lunch at Coop's school & then having to go pick the other kiddo up from school one day because he threw up, it just had us all out of whack.  Which is why I didn't blog at all but I did post on Saturday which I never do but it was an extra special weekend so if you missed it, make sure you go check it out!

We were all beyond excited to see Friday come!

We kicked off our weekend watching Millie Jo perform at her Christmas dance program, Mistletoe Magic.  I will be sharing all about that this week!
Early Saturday morning these two & my father-in-love headed up north to Washington to watch the no good stinkin' Redskins play. 😉
They got there about lunch time on Saturday & were able to do a lot of sight seeing!

And while they were there Millie Jo & I did this all day ...
We got to keep my sweet niece!
We declared it a "stay in jammies & snuggle all day" kind of day.  It was pretty much amazing!
One thing is for sure, I can't wait to watch my girl be a big sister soon!!
We spent the entire day watching Christmas movies & at one point these two were knocked out at the same time.
I mean, living their best life!
 My heart I love this baby!
JuJu & Josh made this girl's night by bringing her a Lego set for doing such a good job keeping Emilia!

After they left, we headed to Starbucks & then came right back home to build her new set & then called it a night.
But not before we watched a little bit of The Grinch!
These two were loving life on Sunday morning.
I can't even tell you who was more excited ... Coop or Dan! 😊 
 I love that they will always have these memories together!

Sunday evening, Millie Jo & I went to my parents church to watch the children's Christmas program.  And evidently a certain little girl took my phone out of my pocket because I found ALL the pictures on it this morning!
 Love these three SO much!!

After church we headed to get dinner & ice cream with Grammy & Poppy Pop ...

and Emily. 
If you're thinking "goodness gracious that baby doll looks creepy, no worries because I think the same thing!!"  HA!
Chocolate chip cookie dough for the win!
Two of my most favorite people!

After dinner we went home & had to make treat bags for Coop's class Christmas party that they are having today.  My guys got home from Washington about midnight & were exhausted but had the best time!

I hope your weekend was amazing!


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