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Happy Birthday, Dan!

by - Saturday, December 16, 2017

Hey Hey!

I know, I know ... I've been MIA this week but oh my heart, what a week it has been.  We were so happy to see Friday come in this house.

I typically don't blog on Saturdays but this Saturday is extra special because my sweet hubby turns 31 today!!! Eeeeek!

I wanted to do a post just for him & so I came up with narrowed it down to 31 things I love about him. 
And I'm sharing a few of my favorite pictures of him!

Dan, I love ...

1.  Your heart

2.  The way you love me

3.  The way you love our kiddos

4.  How hardworking you are

5.  Your love for Christ

6.  How you always put your family first

7.  How protective of my heart you are

8.  Your beard 😉

9.  Your hands [I've only been telling you that for 14 years now]

10.  Your smile

11.  How you're always there for me

12.  How you calm me down when I get so overwhelmed with life

13.  The way you look at me

14.  How patient you are ... with me

15.  How you complete me

16.  Our random dances in the kitchen

17.  That your love language is quality time

18.  When you kiss my forehead

19.  How trustworthy you are

20.  How funny you think you are ...

21.  How you still open doors for me

22.  How forgiving you are

23.  How much you love family time

24.  When you wear your hat backwards

25.  How every time we get off the phone the last thing you say is "I love you beautiful"

26.  That you make me smile

27.  How you're always willing to help anyone at anytime 

28.  Watching you with our kiddos

29.  How you constantly remind me that you think I'm so beautiful 

30.  That you're my best friend, rock & we can get through anything together

31.  That God created you just for me
 Daniel Pegram, there is no doubt you are loved BIG in our house.  We think you are the greatest!
I hope you have the best birthday weekend.

Happy 31st babe!
I love you!

p.s.  I can't believe the first birthday we ever spent together was when you were turning 17!!


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  1. So many years you have shared together and what a sweet post. I loved all the photos :) I hope you had a great day celebrating! xoxo ERIN