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Our Trip to See the Big Guy [2017]

by - Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hey Hey Tuesday!

Last weekend we headed to see the Big Guy!  Every year we head over to the Bass Pro Shop & see Santa.  We started going to see him when Cooper was a year old & have been ever since.  We love it so much & for many reasons. 

1) They have ALL the crafts for the kiddos.
2) They hand out different time slot cards so you can go walk around the mall until your time & don't have to wait in a line for hours. 
3) It's free ... Yep, FREE! You get a 4x6 copy but also have the option to buy a package if you want. 
4)  They allow you to take pictures with your phone.

We just love it so much!

We went a little later than we usually do & everyone else must've had the same idea as us because when we got there at two o'clock on a Sunday afternoon, we were told that all the time slot passes had been handed out & there was a chance we wouldn't be able to see Santa.  Whhhhhhat!!? 😧  A sweet lady that works there told us to come back about 4:15pm & see if they could work us in because they were running ahead of schedule.

So while we waited, hoped & prayed that we were going to get to see the Big Guy that day ...
We headed out into the mall & grabbed us a cookie.

We walked around until about 3:15pm when Dan said that we should just go back & let the kiddos do some crafts in the Bass Pro that way we were close & can be there right at 4:00pm to see if they had any slots available.

We headed to the crafts & a man working there asked us if we were able to see Santa.  We told him no & that all the time slot cards had been handed out so we were just going to do crafts.  I'm just here to tell you that man reached in his back pocket & handed us a card for 3:30pm to see Santa!! Eeeeeek!!! Day made.
 I had two very happy kiddos!!
 When did my babies get so big!?!
 And of course we had to get a picture of the kiddos with my sweet niece!

After we saw Santa, we went & let Coop & Millie Jo do their crafts ...
They wrote their letters to Santa & colored.
 How stinkin' cute are these little canvas crafts they had this year! 
I'll be keeping them forever!

Fast forward to next year & this is what all our pictures will look like!!
Can not wait to meet my sweet baby girl!
 Such a fun & special tradition with my little family!

What are some of your Christmas traditions!?!  Do you go see the Big Guy every year!?!


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