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by - Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Happy March, friends!

Can you even believe it!?!

Last week, I shared PART ONE of our Disney trip we took a couple weeks ago so if you missed it, make sure you check it out!  I'm back today to share Part two .. our day at Animal Kingdom!  And it was a cold one .. like 50 degrees cold & so windy!
I don't want to be a Debby downer, but I always want to be honest with y'all ... Animal Kingdom wasn't my favorite.  Don't hate me!  Don't get me wrong, there are super cool things to see .. like the Tree of Life .. just incredible .. BUT, there's just not SO much to do & I feel like for that reason wait times are forrrrrrever.
When we arrived, we headed straight to the Safari ride.  We were told that the animals are more active in the morning & for that reason, we did get to see most all of them!

We did the Photo Memory Maker & I will say, it is WELL worth the money.  I didn't have to worry so much about taking my own pictures because there are many photographers all around each park that take them!
And this girl hammed it up every chance she got.
Let's talk about her Minnie ear clips.  Best invention ever!  I knew going into our trip that she wouldn't keep a headband on the entire time so I found THE CUTEST HAIR CLIPS ON ETSY! They stayed on perfectly for all the rides, too.
It happened to be Valentine's Day the day we were at Animal Kingdom & I ordered me & my girls these matching shirts from ETSY!

I mean!
 I love them!
And my boys!
Their shirts are from TARGET!
The park does have really good food though & I definitely recommend the grilled corn on the cob from Harambe Fruit Market.

We made reservations at the Rainforest Cafe for dinner that night & all the kiddos loved it.

After dinner, we headed to Dinoland.  If you go with younger children, I would start in this area.  By the time we finished dinner & made our way there, we didn't have much time before the park closed.

After we rode the Triceratops, we rode Dinosaur.  Ellie Joy rode it & wasn't scared at all, but the girl loves all things dinosaurs.  It's dark in there & has lots of dinosaurs so just keep that in mind before you ride!
We ended the night watching the light show & it was amazing!

Don't NOT go to Animal Kingdom just because I didn't care so much for it as far as the rides go.  We still had a wonderful day!  So many people love the park!



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  1. Animal Kingdom was always our least favorite of all the parks. I mean we like it and had fun walking around seeing the animals but it is definitely a quieter park with longer lines and less "to do."