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Hey Hey!

I'm back today & sharing Disney part THREE with you!  If you missed part ONE, you can find it HERE & if you missed part TWO, you can find it HERE!

In between our second & third park day we had a rest day.  Strongly recommend doing that if you have small children because 12 hour park days are no joke .. even for adults!  So a rest day is a great idea!
Our third park day was spent at Hollywood Studios & while it was a sold out park, I personally think we did more that day than any other day!  And while I'm talking about that, I will go ahead & add that we didn't do lightening lane or genie plus.  For my family of five, we were on a budget & the extra $15 per ticket per park day just didn't make sense to us.  The lines to all the rides are looooong, but to be completely honest with you, the line stays moving & it goes by quickly.  I know not everyone will agree, but even with an 11, 9, & 3 year old they did great with the long lines!  Just my two cents worth!
Our first stop was meeting Olaf! We were first in line for this & the little girls LOVED it!  Ellie Joy didn't quite understand why she couldn't hug him though because "but him loves warm hugs." 😉
After we met Olaf, we headed next door to watch the Frozen show.  DO IT!  It was such a cute show & it was well worth it!
It even snows at the end of it!  
Disney doesn't half do anything.

After the Frozen show, we headed to the Disney Jr Live show.  Again, if you have small children, DON'T miss this! 
After the show, outside of the theatre, you get to meet Fancy Nancy ...
Pluto ...
Vamperina AND Doc McStuffins!
After Disney Jr, we headed straight to Toy Story Land.  My FAVORITE!  We are Toy Story fans in our house so I had a friend of mine make these shirts for me & the girls & you can find Dan & Coop's HERE!

Our first ride there was Slinky Dog.  Worth the wait.  DO IT!!
Ellie Joy LOVED it!  The girl had ZERO fear on any ride!

After Slinky Dog, we noticed that Toy Story Mania had no wait time so we ran over to it!  Again, do it.  Everything in Toy Story Land is just so much fun!

When we finished up there, we headed to Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway. It was a little bit of a wait, but again, it goes by quickly!
After that, we went to watch the Indiana Jones show.  Not what we were expecting as it's more of a show to see how they film a movie in Hollywood but SO good!  Our kiddos LOVED it!

Plus it gives you a few minutes to sit down & rest!

When the show was finished, it was dinner time.  We ate at Backlot Express which is right outside of the Indiana Jones show.  Perfect for kids as they have a place to sit down, chicken tenders, macaroni, & cheeseburgers!  The food was really good!

As soon as we finished eating, we headed to Star Wars.

This girl & her daddy.  Be still my heart!

While here, some rode the Millennium Falcon.  They wanted to do Rise of the Resistance but honestly, it stayed broken down the entire day!

We closed down the park riding Rock 'n' Roller Coaster!
And I couldn't be more proud of this girl riding her first upside down roller coaster ...
Not once but twice! 

Gosh, when I say this was the best day .. I mean it was the best!!  If you're thinking of skipping Hollywood Studios .. DON'T!  It has the most characters & everything is just so much fun!
We pulled 12 hour days every park day we had & when I went to tuck Coop in after Hollywood Studios, I found him snoring like this in his new Star Wars helmet.  He may be getting ready to turn 12, but Disney brings out the little kid in every single person!


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  1. Oh yes, we love Hollywood Studios! My oldest son is a huge fan of the Rockin' Roller coaster and we all love toy story mania (we try to compare scores at the end and my husband almost always wins!).

  2. Love your Toy Story shirts. I've never been to Hollywood Studios but it seems like a place I'd enjoy visiting, after seeing your pics and reading what you thought about it.