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by - Monday, February 24, 2020

That's right!  Our itty bitty girl, Ellie Joy, is TWO today!
And y'all, the name fits because what a joy she is & brings so much of it to our family!!
She's funny & makes everyone laugh all the time .. she gets that from her daddy.
I love to hear her talk ... for awhile there, I wasn't sure she would ever say anything because with two older siblings, why would she need to!?!  But now, she never stops.

Speaking of never stopping ... she is a busy body & into EVERYTHING!

Girlfriend loves her some shoes.  Especially her Crocs!  And she also loves clothes ... Millie Jo's that is!  You can always find her walking around with Millie Jo's clothes on but on the wrong parts of her body. 
She wants to do everything her big sister does but when it's time to settle down at night time, you can find her curled up on the couch with Cooper watching tv.  She loves her JOJO & Poop & is the only one who can get away with calling Cooper that.

If you ask her whose girl she is, she says "Kale" which is Cooper's best friend.  Itty Bitty, I'm putting this in here just so you can't deny it one day. 😉
A few of her favorite things include her blankie, paci, (which those days are sadly coming to an end now that she is TWO) Zoe the Unicorn (ZoZo), Sundrop or "Tundrop" as she calls it & don't worry, IF she ever does have it, it's only a sip.  She loves all things Minnie Mouse, her favorite movie is Secret Life of Pets, playing outside because "Mommy, I walk" and she loves dogs.  I mean is OBSESSED with her some puppy dogs! 

She gives the best hugs & when she does we say BIG SQUEEZE so now she calls a hug "beeze" & I never want her to stop.
She is a mama's girl & I couldn't love it more!
This tiny little girl, that I just knew was a boy when I got pregnant, has been the sweetest surprise & is the perfect final piece to our family.  We can't even begin to imagine what life would be like without her.  We are so thankful she is ours & that God knew our hearts needed her!
Ellie Joy, you are so loved & I pray you always remember whose you are!
Itty Bitty, you're so pretty & we love you like crazy, sweet girl!

Happy Birthday, baby girl!


If you want to read her birth story, you can find it HERE!  If you are in the season of waiting on your rainbow baby, I want to encourage you to keep your eyes to Jesus, sweet friend. I have been there and I am so sorry. Your rainbow after the storm is coming!

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