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by - Monday, July 01, 2019

Today is my birthday & I am no longer in my twenties!

THIRTY! Eeeek!

Oh my heart!  It feels so weird to even type that!
On Saturday, Dan threw me a surprise party with the help of our families & y'all, I didn't even see it coming!! Typically, someone would give it away but they all kept the secret … even Cooper!

Not going to lie, I really thought Dan wasn't going to do anything because up until Friday afternoon, we had no plans for the weekend until my brother asked if we wanted to come swimming that next day.  We had just went on Sunday of last weekend so I didn't think anything of it!
They got me!

Gosh, I love a good birthday party.
Thank you to my sweet hubby & wonderful families who made this day so special for me!  I am so blessed to do life with y'all.

Looking back on my twenties, I have mixed emotions.  There were some highs & lows the past ten years, but, the highs far outweigh the lows.  No, not all of the years were beautiful at the time, but, the way God has & continues to use them for His glory is.  They are all a part of the story He is writing in me.  I can't wait to see what thirty & the next ten years have in store!  

When I think about my twenties, I will always remember them by being filled with love, laughter, tears, heartache, restoration & grace.

Thirty, I'm ready for you.

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