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WEEKEND [2019]

by - Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Happy Tuesday, friends!
This girl & I kicked off our weekend looking for home décor inspiration at TJ MAXX on Friday before we went to pick up Cooper, his best buddy & Millie Jo from school.

She's just the cutest little shopper ever!

Later that evening, we headed to the outlets in Charlotte.  Coop got an Under Armour gift card for Christmas & it has been burning a hole in his pocket! 😉
And while I was there, LOOK what I found at Saks Fifth Avenue!
Oh my heart!
The tiniest Mini Melissa's.  I'm obsessed!
Would you believe me if I told you that the cat ones were only $8.  EIGHT DOLLARS, y'all!!  WHAT!?!  And the pink ones … less than $30!
I can't wait to see Itty Bitty's little feet in these.
 On Saturday, we had to be out of our house all day for showings .. oh yea, in case you don't know, we are selling our house.  MUCH more on that later.
Three kiddos + no nap for a certain baby girl makes for a very long day!
But seriously, they were rock stars!
Did you see my Insta-stories!?  This girl is hilarious when it comes to the videos she makes.  If you don't already follow me on INSTAGRAM, you should because there is honestly no telling what kind of shenanigans you will see!  HA! 

On Sunday morning, I woke up with a migraine of all migraines.  Oh my gosh, it was HORRIBLE!  And yesterday, my brain still felt foggy so we did nothing!
 But on Sunday, I pushed through because we had another showing for our house plus an appointment to get new tires for my car.

Ice cream & Icee floats makes everything better!

FOUR hours later … in one store … we left with NO new tires.  Jesus, take the wheel.
It's a long story but I'm choosing to believe that there was a reason they were not able to do it.

Sunday evening, we went to my in-loves to watch the Super Bowl …
And this girl was ready!  Not for the game but for all the food!!
A girl after my own heart.

That was a look at our weekend!

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  1. Ice cream was a necessity and what a wild, busy time for you all. Those shoes are darling and I love a good deal! Wahoo!

    1. A necessity for sure! Right!?! I couldn't pass up that steal!