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by - Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Happy Wednesday, friends!

I'm sharing our weekend with you today but before I do that, I just want to say thank you to each & every one of you for the sweet comments, messages & texts I received after sharing MINE & DAN'S STORY last week.  I sat down this weekend & read through every one of them.  Y'all are the best!  My little blog is such a small piece of the internet & I'm convinced I have the sweetest followers ever!


And now back to our regularly scheduled program …

My mom had surgery on her foot last week so on Friday, Itty Bitty & I went & spent the day with her!
Ellie Joy knows that Grammy gives her all the good food.
They shared an ice cream sandwich & girlfriend LOVED it!

On Saturday morning, we moved lots of stuff over to the new house …
And that afternoon, me & the girls headed to my sister-in-loves baby shower.

Is she not beautiful!?!  I can't wait to meet our sweet nephew!
BUT, until then, can we just talk about THIS picture.  She wanted no part of pictures.  HA!!

Later that evening, I sent it in a group text because it was just so funny & my sister made this …

Sunday morning, we went to church, grabbed lunch & had a picnic in the living room floor because hello no dining room table.
And that afternoon, we went to our friend's house to let the kiddos make their valentine boxes together!
A sweet weekend for sure!

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  1. Sounds so fun and poor EJ :) Can't wait to see your new place when you get all settled