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by - Friday, June 29, 2018

Happy Friday!

Can you believe that Sunday is July 1st!?!  Not to mention, my BIRTHDAY!! Eeeek!  But seriously though, where in the world has 2018 went!?!

I saw this the other day & literally laughed out loud because it's SO true ...
I mean, right!?!

Ok, now back to today's post ...

Today I am sharing what's in my diaper bag!
As one of my shower gifts, my mom bought me this diaper bag & I LOVE it!  Of all the diaper bags I've carried, & trust me I've had a lot in my eight years of being a mama, this one is by far my favorite.  It can either be carried as a regular bag or back pack & it has so many different compartments.  I have it in the "orange" but I would call it more coral!
1. Burp cloths - Having a baby that has acid reflux, I ALWAYS have a burp cloth.
2. Extra clothes - A sleeper (because you never know when you may be out late & can go ahead and put jammies on), a onesie & a outfit.
3. Baby spoon - This is something I just added to the diaper bag.  Ellie Joy started food this week & I like to keep a spoon with us just in case we are out somewhere & she needs to eat.
4.  Bib - Because #1 & #3. 😉
5. Baby sunscreen - This is much needed for this hot weather in NC.  And it was perfect to have all those days at the baseball field!
6. Baby wipes - I'm not picky when it comes to wipes but I do really love these!  And I'm that mama that uses baby wipes for E V E R Y T H I N G!  Even when my kiddos no longer need baby wipes, I still have a pack!  HA!
7. Diaper cream
8. My wristlet - I don't even carry a purse anymore.  I just grab my wristlet & toss it in the diaper bag.  It consists of my cards, license & lip gloss ... because #essentials.
9. Medela Breast Pump Wipes - see #16
10. Paci's - Even though Ellie Joy has found her thumb ... she still likes her paci & we go nowhere without one ... or six.  The Nuk brand are our favorite!
11. Diapers - Just like with wipes, I'm not too picky when it comes to diapers.  Different ones seem to work & not irritate Ellie Joy.  Right now we have Pampers but we've also used Huggies, Luvs & Target brand.
12. Sun hat - Because you never know when you may need it.  And we love our Matilda Jane one!
13. Bottle - In case we are out & I have to pump.
14. A toy
15. Snacks - And they aren't for Ellie Joy.  My biggest two are ALWAYS hungry so snacks are a must!  And I carry them in this container ... it's actually a container for formula but it works!
16. My Medela Hand Pump - I can not say enough good things about this pump! It has been a LIFE SAVER especially when we are riding down the road & Itty Bitty is screaming like I never feed her. 😋  If Dan is with us I just pump, put it in a bottle & crawl in the back to feed her. Right now they are only $28.  That is a steal!! And yes, I have been without it one time & literally laid over the car seat & nursed her while we were going down the road.  Not the safest or most comfortable but you gotta do what you gotta do!

A few other things that are not pictured ...

Owl lovie paci holder - she LOVES this!
Gas drops
Baby wrap carrier
Nursing cover - It can also be the car seat cover!

And t
hat's a look at what's in our diaper bag!
95% of the time if you were to look in it, it would have a lot of other stuff that doesn't belong in there.  Like for example the other day I found a baseball, happy meal toys, a Barbie, 347 hair bows & 9 pairs of shoes in there.  But at least with all that extra stuff we do have what we NEED ... most of the time!

What are some of your favorite & must have items in your diaper bag!?!

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