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Father's Day Weekend

by - Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Hey Hey!

Our weekend was a HOT one! 
We definitely skipped spring here & jumped straight into summer.
After regular baseball season, we found out that Cooper had been chosen for the All Star team & this weekend ... after practicing for two weeks straight ... was the tournament.  We could not be more proud of this boy!!

Our first game wasn't until Saturday so on Friday night the guys headed to watch the other team from our town play.  Ellie Joy & I stayed home & Millie Jo spent the night with her JuJu.
They went swimming with her cousins & had a blast!
Late Friday night, this guy & I snuck in a quick dinner date.  I mean, we've only been at the ball field for the past 427 nights. 😉

Saturday morning, we were up early & heading to the ball field ...
Cooper played great! Well, after he cooled down. 
Just twenty minutes into practicing before the game he got over heated, almost passed out & had to be carried off the field!  But once the game started, he got a hit, scored, had two back to back outs in one inning, played second & third base & if the ball wouldn't have fallen out of his glove at the last second, he would've caught a foul pop fly!
And let's just talk about him & "mini Cooper" as we call her ... I mean, it's like looking at Cooper with a bow! 
Saturday afternoon, we went & celebrated Father's Day at my sister-in-love's house.
And this baby just loves the water!!

Sunday, we were back at the ball field for game two ...
 Unfortunately, we lost & were eliminated from the tournament but I think they all still had fun!  And were great sports considering how hot it was.

By the time we got home Sunday afternoon, we were all so tired but Dan had a few errands to run so Millie Jo went with him & my evening looked like this ...
And we stayed on the couch!

Well, until Millie Jo & Dan got home & wrestling's pay per view came on ...
And I can't forget that Sunday was Father's Day & we celebrated this guy!
He is so good to me & our babes.  We are so thankful for him & think he is the best!!
I am SO blessed!

And that was our weekend!
Full of baseball, sunshine & family time!

Before I go, I want to ask you to pray for my uncle.  Last week we found out some pretty heartbreaking news & yesterday at the doctor, we didn't get the answers that we really wanted.  Our family is a family of faith & we know that God has got this.  We believe in the power of prayer & have watched God do amazing things within our family.  Please pray for strength & guidance over these next few weeks.  Thanks so much, friends!

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  1. I am so sad to hear about your Uncle...I will lift you all up in prayer right now! Looks like a fun but hot weekend :)! Jealous of date night, what's that??? xoxo ERIN