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A Little Bit of This + That

by - Thursday, November 30, 2017

Happy Thursday, friends!
Can you believe that it's the last day of November!? Crazy, right!?

We have had so much going on lately & today I'm catching you up on it all.  So grab your coffee & get cozy by your Christmas tree!
 Remember my post from a couple weeks ago!?!    My hubby went back to first shift & we celebrated!
 And our very first Friday night together in a long time, we went out for ice cream!
Last month, before Grammy & Pop headed camping, Millie Jo & I met up with them for a few minutes.  Somehow [perhaps her sweet talking 😉] Millie Jo talked Poppy Pop into giving her money for breakfast.  She requested pancakes & then after we picked Cooper up from school we headed to the Dollar Store so they could each spend $3.  It's the little things!
Most nights you can find this girl right here asleep.  You know because it's hard being four! :)
Do you have a Christmas show where you live!?!  Every year we go to the one near us. There are hundreds of vendors who sale ALL the things & it's just so much fun!  You never know what you're going to find.
A couple weeks ago, Millie Jo spent the night with my mom & the next morning I get this picture.  Grammy curled her hair & girlfriend was loving it!
Later that night she came home with her nails & toes done.

And while Millie Jo was with Grammy, Coop & I were snuggled up in Dan's recliner watching the CMA's.  Shhhhh, he does still like to snuggle sometimes!
How we spend most of our weekend nights.
Mom & dad's bed + Christmas movies!
How sweet is Dan with our niece!?!
I can't wait to see him with our baby girl in March!
Last week was a big week for Cooper.  We finally finished his new room & he LOVES it!

Millie Jo wanted to go to my doctor's appointment with me a couple weeks ago so we decided to make a day of it.  She was so excited when my doctor let her have a pair of gloves & hold the Doppler while we listened for baby girl's heartbeat!
 After my appointment, we went to our favorite Mexican restaurant ...
And then we headed to Target & grabbed Starbucks.
Life of a boy mom & life with a little sister. 
The struggle is real when football is on AND wrestling! 😉

And speaking of football ...

Millie Jo just had "Tutus + Touchdowns" night at dance & of course my girl rocked Coop's Cowboy jersey!
We love our uncle Mike!
We had stopped by my parents house one evening when uncle Mike & aunt Kaye Kaye showed up!
Our town just got a new grocery store called Lidl, maybe you've heard of it!?  It's kind of like an Aldi.  Anyway, they have the small shopping carts & my kiddos LOVE them! I won't lie though, I spend most of my time saying "watch where you're going, don't run into people!"

So that's a little bit lot of what we've had going on.

That's it for today! 
See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


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  1. I am always saying watch out with those little carts and they always get my heels, I guess better mine than a stranger but I can't say much, I once had one of those huge car carts and ran into someone - oops! xoxo ERIN

    1. Oh the buggy at Target is the worst! My kiddos like to ride in the big ones that are like a limo & I can't drive those things to save my life! HAHA!