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by - Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Well hey there!

Earlier this month some of us spent two weeks, some spent 10 days, & some only were able to stay a couple of days at the beach!  Regardless of the length of time, we had such a good time! 

Cooper & Millie Jo were a few of the lucky ones who got to soak up 2 whole weeks & went down before us while me, Dan, & Ellie Joy headed down as soon as Dan got off work on Thursday.  He could only stay the Fourth of July weekend & Ellie Joy & I stayed the rest of the time!
Our first day just so happened to be my birthday so we spent our whole day down on the beach until we got ran off by a huge thunderstorm! Unfortunately Dan had a final paper due so he didn't get to join us.  Boo! We sure missed him!

We spent most of our time each day catching crabs ...
Lots & lots of crabs!
Ellie Joy & my niece had zero fear of touching them!
So many that I lost count with just how many fish & crabs this girl caught while we were there everyday!

Cutie pies!

That afternoon, we headed back to the condo, showered, napped, & then headed to one of our favorite pizza places for dinner!

Dang, I love these 4 BIG!
Look who got to join us the next day!

We spent another day on the beach crab catching & boogie boarding!  I had to wait for Dan to be there so I could boogie board because there is no way I'm going even waist deep out in the ocean by myself.  EEK!
That evening, we had dinner by the water in Calabash!
And where in the world did my tiny babies go!?!
Not gonna lie, this season of life is fun!  This was also our first vacation that we didn't take a stroller.  Kinda bittersweet for sure!

Birthday girls!  My mother-in-love's is July 4th!

After dinner we headed to Ocean Drive for ice cream & to play at the arcade!

And then we called it a night!

Come back tomorrow for PART TWO!

Have the best Tuesday, friends!


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