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by - Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Hey Hey!

We are on SNOW DAY #4 in North Carolina today & I think we're all still surprised of just how much some of us got.

This past Saturday, Millie Jo turned NINE!  I can hardly believe it. In true Pegram girl fashion, we celebrated all weekend long & had so much fun!
What a blessing it is to be her mama!
She didn't want a party this year & instead wanted to take a friend to the trampoline park.  Friday night, we did just that! They jumped & then we headed back to our house for pizza, cookie cake, & a sleep over!
Her last night as an eight-year-old!  
Babies don't keep, y'all!

For her actual birthday, she wanted a day date with just me & Dan.  Every middle child's dream, huh? 😉

We went to lunch at one of her favorite places for wings ...
Did a little shopping to let her pick out her own birthday present ...
And ended our day date with Sweet Frog because you can't not have ice cream on your birthday!
That evening, we continued the birthday celebration with family at dinner.  My sister made my girl the cutest boho rainbow cake, too!

My most favorite nine year old! Love this girl so much!

She's funny, has a heart of gold, is always finding ways to serve others, is such a sweet friend, & her love of Jesus just shines through her.  And now she is NINE! 

Happy Birthday to my sweet Millie Jo!
I hope NINE is everything you want it to be & more.  Continue keeping your eyes to Jesus & love just like He does.  



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  1. SO sweet!

    Love your vest in the day date! Where'd you get it? :)

  2. Aw, I hope 9 is a fabulous year!