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by - Friday, October 09, 2020


If you know me or have been around here for a while, then you know that I love a good tradition.  Especially one we have in the Fall ... THE COUNTY FAIR!  Unfortunately though, like most things in 2020, it was cancelled this year.  I may have cried a little when I found out in late summer.  If you don't know, the county fair was the very first place Dan & I ever went together ... he was 16 years old & I was only 14!  Babies!  We haven't missed a year up until now & this would have been year 17 of going together!!  Crazy, right!?!

WELL, we weren't going to let our tradition be ruined that easily.  It just so happened that several food trucks arrived locally last weekend & y'all, THEY HAD FUNNEL CAKES & FRIED OREOS!  Our two must haves every year when we go to the fair!

Some may think it was coincidence ... I call it fate. 😉
So, we did what any sane people would do ... we loaded up the kiddos, stopped by the food trucks, & then headed to the Charlotte airport to watch airplanes at the overlook.
And it was SO much stinkin' fun!

This girl LOVES airplanes .. or "PEAR-PANES" as she calls them.

Look at us making lemonade out of lemons.  Missing the fair this year just means we may have to go twice next year & I am perfectly fine with that!

So tell me, what's a Fall tradition that your family has!?!

Have the best weekend!

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