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by - Friday, September 04, 2020

Wait.  Trust.  Pray.

The three words my hubby has had to remind me of more times than I'd even like to admit the last several months.

Waiting is hard, isn't it?

Maybe you're in a season of waiting.  Waiting for that baby that you've been praying so hard for.  Maybe you're waiting on your rainbow baby after loss.  Maybe you're waiting for your heart to start mending back together after divorce.  Maybe you're waiting to be healed from a horrible disease.  Maybe you're waiting for your broken marriage to be restored.  Maybe you're waiting on that job promotion.  Maybe you're waiting on your future spouse.  Maybe you're waiting on that new house.  Or maybe you're waiting on a loved one to turn away from their sin & follow Jesus.

The waiting.  It's hard.

In the book of John, Mary & Martha came to Jesus & told Him that Lazarus was sick, to which He replied that the illness that Lazarus had does not lead to death, it is for the Glory of God so that the Son of God may be glorified through it. (John 11:4)  Jesus didn't jump up from where He was at in a panic nor did He rush to be by Lazarus' side at that very moment.  In fact, He did the complete opposite ... He waited two days.  TWO!  By the time He got to Lazarus, He had been buried for four days.  If Jesus wanted to go heal Lazarus, He could have, but, how even more incredible is it that He chose to raise him from the dead instead.  But why?!?  Why did He not just heal him??  Jesus wanted Mary & Martha to see so much more than Him just healing him .. He wanted them to see His almighty power.  The power that He could conquer death.  Think of all the glory the Son of God received for waiting those few days & then going to raise Lazarus up from the grave instead of going right away & healing him when Mary & Martha came to Him.  And I don't know about you, but,  I want the faith that those two women had in Jesus to not even question as to why He didn't go to him sooner.

Jesus knows that in our waiting we may have heartache, but, what He also knows is that the heartache that we endure is not where our story ends.  He works ALL things together for His good .. in His time.

Not my time & not your time.  

His & His alone.

Jesus knew that He was put on this earth to die for our sins yet He, himself, had to wait 30+ years before doing so.

Imagine how long the wait must have felt to Him as he was being beaten before He was crucified.

Or how long the wait must have felt when He was nailed to the cross, waiting to die.

David waited years before becoming a king.

Sarah waited 90+ years before becoming a mother.

And look how long Jesus has waited & continues to wait for His second coming.

Wait.  Trust.  Pray.

There will be times in our lives when we must wait & with that season of wait may come discouragement, but, we must cling to this truth, sweet friend, our waiting is meant to glorify God.


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