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A Letter to Ellie Joy

by - Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Ellie Joy,

I never dreamed that when it came time to write your letter to you that I write during every pregnancy at 37 weeks that I would actually be holding you in my arms.  I sit and stare at you all the time and thank God for you.

The journey that led your daddy and me to you was filled with lots of heartache.  Our faith was tested but God had a plan all along just like He always does.  He knew long ago that He was going to bless us with you.  What a precious gift you are, my sweet girl.

God knew my heart needed you.

Cooper & Millie Jo are just crazy about you.  I'm having to tell them constantly to get out of your face but I really can't blame them because I could literally kiss your face all day, everyday.  You also have another sister, Ruthie Belle, who lives in Heaven.  Coop & Millie Jo can't wait until they can tell you about her & how she lives in our hearts.

You have such a sweet daddy & he would do anything for you.
Don't ever forget that.

I am so thankful God chose me to be your mama, Ellie Joy.  I will always be here for you & I will always pray for you.

You are why.

You are the reason God allowed your daddy & me to go through the hurt that we did.  At the time I had no idea why He allowed it, but now I know.  He's a good Father.

My prayer is that we raise you to love Jesus always.  That you keep your eyes to Him.  And that you love big.

You are the perfect final piece to our puzzle.  We could not have asked for a sweeter addition to our family.  You are so loved.

My rainbow after the storm.

My baby you'll always be.

I love you my sweet itty bitty girl.


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