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How God Saved Our Marriage :: Our Engagement Story

by - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate.
Mark 10:9

On August 16, 2008, after dating almost five years, Daniel proposed to me.  He was twenty-one years old and I had just turned nineteen.  I had just graduated from college in June (I went to school to be a Medical Assistant) and Dan was working a full time job.  We, of course, had talked about marriage many times while we were dating and knew we wanted to get married young.  I mean, we had been dating several years and knew all there was to know about each other ... or so we thought.  By the way, we've been married almost nine years and are STILL learning new things about each other.

I remember that night he proposed like it was yesterday.  It was nothing romantic, but it was so Dan.  He will still tell anyone to this day that his idea of a perfect engagement was one in which I had NO idea it was coming.

We had went to the mall the evening of August 16th because that's just what you did when you were our age and dating.  Dan had me in ALL the jewelry stores trying on ALL the engagement rings but little did I know, he had bought my ring that morning and it was in his pocket the entire time.  I had no idea!  When we left the mall, we headed to have dinner at Olive Garden, it was right across the street from the mall.  You want to talk about the way to my heart, that's it and he knew it.  Every time we went, and still to this day, we share the Tour of Italy.  I was eating and had noticed Dan wasn't so into his dinner like he usually was when we went.  At the time I didn't know why, but I found out shortly after ... he was SUPER nervous!

We finished our dinner, paid, got those delicious mints ... y'all know what I'm talking about and left.  I had no longer put that chocolate mint in my mouth and Dan pulls into a parking lot.  Wait for it though, it was an empty parking lot of Toys R Us, which was right beside Olive Garden.  I, of course, was asking him what he was doing and wondering why he had me in this sketchy, dark parking lot.  Without saying a word, he leaned over toward me, kissed me, reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring box.  He said "Whitney, I promise to love you and take care of you for the rest of our lives.  Will you marry me?"  I cried and said over and over ... "WHAT?  Are you serious?? Are you for real??"  So many times, in fact, he kept saying "is that a yes?"  When I realized it was real life, I said yes!!

The funny part is that his plan was to get down on one knee in Olive Garden but he got way too nervous for all of that.

We were thirty minutes from my house but it felt more like three thousand!  I could not wait to get home and tell my mom.

We finally got to my house and I told her.  I told my step dad too but he already knew because Dan had went to him and asked him first if he could propose to me!  Take notes, guys.  After we told them, we called everyone else and shared the news with them!

My heart, I still remember the excitement of being engaged.  You constantly have those butterflies and think " how could these feelings ever go away?"  But they can and often times in marriage, they do.  It is up to you and your spouse to keep those feelings there and it's so important to remember why you fell in love with each other to begin with when those butterflies disappear.

Our prayer is that whoever is reading this, whether they are in a relationship, engaged or married, that you will bless them, Lord.  Keep their relationships/marriages pure and may You always be at the center of it.
In Your name we pray.

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